Check out these 10 online pet stores the next time you feel like spoiling your furbaby:

( Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty about splurging on new clothes, gadgets, or whatever it is you mindlessly hit the “check out” button for? We feel you. But if you’re a furparent, you’ll probably agree that you’d gladly spoil your little furry friends without thinking twice! It doesn’t matter if your doggos already have comfy beds—they need one in every room of the house because…why the heck not? 카지노사이트

So, bookmark this page for the next time you feel like treating your furbabies because we list some local IG shops you can shop from, whether it’s sleeping essentials, wearables like collars and bandanas, or yummy treatos. And yes, we skipped the toys (for now) because we both know that your doggo’s favorite toy is your slipper.

Petto Beddo

Your pets need good quality sleep, too! Petto Beddo is where you can buy orthopedic dog beds that feature ultra-soft memory foam designed to support their bodies, alleviating pain and soothing tired muscles after a long day of play. It also has a durable suede outer fabric that’s rip-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about your furbaby ruining their luxurious bed. We love how it comes in a minimalist design that’s perfect for your home’s aesthetic!

The Pet Project PH

Go all out with The Pet Project PH’s pet-friendly wooden furniture designed by local craftsmen. They create all kinds of pet furniture, from beds (they even make double-decks!) to ramps to stairs to bowl holders, and more. Apart from wooden furniture, The Pet Project PH also makes them in other materials like acrylic and steel, perfect if you prefer pieces that’ll suit your home’s aesthetic better. Your furry friends will feel cozy and right at home with any of their pieces! 안전한카지노사이트

Bow House

For something that’s a little more extra, Bow House is where you can get elegant pet beds that’ll make hoomans feel jealous—we know we are, because just take a look at how gorgeous their selection of beds are! Their Dome Homes prove that crate-training your doggos don’t have to ruin your home’s aesthetic. The domes are made of powder-coated metal frame that’s rust- and peel-resistant and come with a durable foam-filled bed, so your pupper can get a sweet slumber. They offer a sense of security and reduce anxiety, making them perfect for puppies.

Chuyo Paws

Yup, you can be matchy-matchy with your furbaby! If you’re a Friends fan, Chuyo Paws is where you can get your furry friends cute little Friends-themed bandanas that’ll make them look fashionable during their daily strolls. And for the hooman, you can also get a shirt that matches the Friends design you picked for your doggo! Cute, right? They also have other bandana designs available as well as a cool Mean Girls-inspired tee that says “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a dog mom.” So fetch! (Pun intended).

Hey Pacey

If you’ve got a little furry fashionista, Hey Pacey’s line of adorable bandanas and bows is right up your alley. They come in the cutest prints and styles, you’d wish they come in human sizes, too! We love the pretty earth tones and classic prints they use for their collections—from checks to florals to plain prints. You’ll be snapping pics of your furbaby wearing their cute pieces, for sure!

Ligaya Collars

There’s no such thing as having too many collars! Ligaya Collars is where you can get handmade goodies for your pet, and we’re obsessed with their selection of colorful woven collars (you can have the colors customized, just ask!). They come in a variety of colors and styles; we can bet you’ll have a hard time choosing just one. We’re in love with their pastel-colored pieces!


If you haven’t been accessorizing your puppers, then what are you doing with your lives? PawTagz creates handmade ID tags that are available in a variety of themes, like Summer, Adventure, Night, and Holiday. As for us, we’re in love with their Wood Tagz that come in two beautiful designs: Galaxy and Beach—both will be personalized with your pet’s name in front and your contact details in the back. Plus, it comes in three sizes and you also have the option to get it in a glow-in-the-dark finish! How cool is that?

Pupsicles PH

Obviously, these cute little popsicles are not for hoomans. Pupsicles PH makes ice popsicles for your pets made with all-natural ingredients, so your furry friends can enjoy healthy frozen treatos—perfect for scorching hot days! It’s available in six flavors: Pumpkin Banana, Banana Pork Broth, Pork Broth Mint, Banana Peanut Butter, Watermelon Coconut, and Strawberry Banana. Each pack contains 10 popsicles, but if you want to treat your pets to more than one flavor, you can opt for their Pupsicle Assorted Packs which are available in 12 up to 24 popsicles per pack. 카지노사이트 추천

Whole Pet Kitchen

For pet celebrations, you can’t go wrong with Whole Pet Kitchen. It’s where you can order paw- and bone-shaped cakes, cupcakes, and more, all made with natural ingredients that your doggo will absolutely love. You can even order customized cakes for something extra special! Apart from cakes, they also have lasagna that’ll have your pet drooling! If you’re feeling like spoiling your little one, throw in a snack or two from their selection of healthy treatos—your pet will surely have the best day!

Ruff Treats

If your pet loves to snack, you can get them healthy treats from Ruff Treats! They offer all-natural snacks like dehydrated treats as well as biscuits that your pupper will enjoy munching on. Take your pick from Foie Strips, Moo Chews (cow ears), and Alpha Bites (alphabet biscuits)—they’re perfect treats for training! All of Ruff Treats’ goodies are made with 100% real meat, no artificial flavors, and human-grade ingredients, so your pets enjoy only the good stuff.

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